Music Mojo Gumbo

The new release from Dee Rock on Dread-Neck Records will be available on June 5th.This latest collection of songs is different from Dee's first country record The Road Ain't Long, which touched many people with songs like the Uniform,What you never had and Keep on keepin on.For this go round Dee was all about the vibe and making sure this record was not just one genre because his many influences never stuck to just one thing but always had you waiting and anticipating to see what the magic carpet ride was going to be like on their newest album.Dee Rock has coined the saying Music Mojo Gumbo to describe all the flavors that he wanted to combine for a sound totally his own.This record has country,southern rock,70's soul,blues and a splash of bluegrass!So when you get this CD all you need to do is JUST PUSH PLAY!