Thanks really practical. Will share site with my friends. my web-site; ancor (more on
Dee, you put the Rock in Rock n Roll, my brother! I love your music because it fuels my passion and fills my heart with joy. The song "Wild Mustang" is one I can relate to and connect with! You are an awesome artist/songwriter/singer/guitarist and talented actor. Can't wait till you put the whole album together. "Forgotten Soldiers" is another favorite of mine. Keep on doing what you're doing cause you're doing it right! Love you bunches and can't wait for another song/album release! Keep on Rocking me baby!
Hello brother!
You know WE LOVE YOU
Hey Dee Rock, I love your music and wish you nothing but the best on your up coming tour with Johnny Rodes!! God Bless!!
Very nice to have met you when you played with Rudy at the Bottleneck Blues bar in St. Charles,MO, The music and show was fantastic. Hope to hear you play again. Hope your having a wonderful day ! Ginger
Keep on keepin on my friend.
Love you Man...I hope the Movie does really great...Cant wait to see it...Come to Florida, so we can see you and I can introduce you to my Fiance'...
Hey Dee.. I probably signed before .. But just in case i didn't . So happy for you and proud of you too.. You are doing wonderful selfless things with your life.. Keep up the good work , Love from Melody's Mom... Aka "The Mom"
Looking forward to catching a show sometime Dee!
Thank You for being a great friend love ya ♡ and sharing your beautiful music ♡♡♡♡
Looking forward to hearing more music from you..Hope that one day i will be able to see one of your shows. God Bless
Thank you Dee for being my friend and helping to Support HELPING HEROES! You are a Great Ambassador
Love the music
It's going to be good to see you in Washington
Huge Fan!! I just Adore You My Friend <3 JD
So Happy for you!!!!!!!
Hello brother!
Hi Dee,came across your album on internet while searching for a song titled Keep on Keepin on.My Dad passed away early 2014 and during his illness he lived each day by the mantra of Keep on Keepin on,he said that he just had to Keep on Keepin on and face whatever each day would bring.I love that song and your whole album is great......Thanks Pam Cox..
Nice Site Buddy Blessings to you All.....
This is a great web page. I just joined your mailing list.
Genuine person all around: Genuine talent, genuine kindness, genuine spirit. Best and warmest wishes and blessings to you
What a find! An INCREDIBLE musician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderful site!!! Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors
I'm so impreseed with his music, voice and how this psge is ser up. Very awesome. One of the best I have seen.
It has been a pleasure getting to know you and now getting to know your music. Thank you for all you do and the pure happiness you bring us.
Hey Dee, Great to meet you virtually, and looking forward to working with you on Big Sky!
Keep on rocking in the free world.
Mr Dee Rock Can't wait til your here in Anchorage Alaska for your shows and of course shopping!!! Give Mom a hug...
Mr Dee Rock Can't wait til your here in Anchorage Alaska for your shows and of course shopping!!! Give Mom a hug...
Good picking, great voice awesome looks, and a heart of gold! Go Dee go!
So happy for all your success and happiness. Still want to to Tenn.for some photo's. Be well my friend and continued success.
hey deerock.haven't seen you in a month of sundays. i got a little something for you i did up using your song "the uniform". i hope you like it. i did it up for veterans day as a tribute to the homeless veterans across america. let me know if it is cool with you. thanks
I absolutely love this album,every song is beautiful, I really loved Dee's sound & voice. He is an wonderful & talented Artist, who will be around for a longtime to come. Look forward to hearing more of Dee's Music.
Keep me posted love the music God Bless You
look forward to seeing you at mile marker 277 wed. sep 10th, with American Made
Do your band members from St.Louis,Mo go on your tour in the other states. Mike vandeveer and Rudy Vandeveer (Mark Vandeveer) Those two are my family. Mike my cousin and Mark is my uncle.
let work together to get u airplay dave smith
Just ordered the album. Look forward to listening to it when I take a break from the BB King Bluesville on SIRIUS XM.
Just stopping by to say hello and keeping up with your website!! Much love and appreciation for you as an American and musician!
Just a howdy to wish ya a great weekend my friend!
I am so glad to have met you all... what an awesome Band!! LOVE YOU!!
You are a great friend!
Rock on!
Rock on!
Happy Belated Birthday! Better late than never! Rave on rave on!
Just wanted to wish you an awesome birthday. God bless and keep on rockin.
Happy Birthday 'Patriot Picker'... May your licks be clean & crisp & may your frets have no 'BUZZ'! ;) And always remember.... "To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable." ~ Ludwig van Beethoven.
Happy Birthday !! Can't wait to move to Texas so we can be closer to come to a concert!!
Happy Birthday multi media style! Hope it was a great day
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY....We love you!!!!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dee
Happy Birthday Dee Rock and best wishes for many more ! ! !
Happy Birthday Man........enjoy!
Happy Birthday! I love your music! Wish I lived close enough so that I can hear you play. Kim is an awesome person!
Happy Birthday darlin'
Happy Birthday Darlin'. Hope it's the most awesome one ever.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE !!Hope you have a Rockin Birthday Day !! God Bless you my Friend !!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!!! Have a wonderful day and enjoy it!! God Bless!!! ♥
Happy Birthday Mr. Dee Dude you are what music is all about!! Keep it cool brother!
Absolutely the Very Best Rock & Roll Southern Style ! Love you Guys !
Rock on!
Hey it's a four day week Dee! That means this fine Tuesday evening is Hump Night! Rock on Mister Rock! And take care of your bad self my friend!
Love your music. Great to see you at the Patriot functions, also.
Dee ... Saw your show in St. Louis opening for Jackyl on 5/29/14 ... My wife and I enjoyed your set and in particular your patriotism ... Keep rocking brother!
love dee and his band
Great show last night at the House of Rock! Looking forward to getting all my God fearing music loving friends to come out and join the fun!
Seen you a couple fo times now and every time is good music and lots of fun.
Keep on rockin' Mr. Rock! Hump day is nearly history!
Proud to call Dee a friend! Luv ya Brother! Patriotism should be Political Party! To all that wear The Uniform... Thank You
American Made All The Way
Bringing it to the country, 1 patriotic song at a time. Rock on brother!
Keep fighting the good fight my friend! Have a great week Dee!
Hi Dee and Kim!... Hugs and Love
My Patriot brother keep up the good and God work (gonna to catch You and Kim soon)Maybe catch some coffee sometime. Be blessed my friend.
Love you, Dee Rock, and everything you stand for. God Bless & ROCK ON!
Brother, you rock it out! Love the music. Hope we can get your name out there so others can dig it.
Dee Rock is not only an awesome talented writer,performer,very talented guitar player ,producer,,ect,,,ect,, The list goes on!!!! But he is one of the most kindess and humble man of God that loves this country and stands tall for Both at any given time or place!!! and it is a true Honor to not only call him a very great friend but an awesome brutha!!! Love you Bro and everything you stand for!!!! and you rocked the chuck berry concert last week!!! Man what an awesome performance and great time that evening was!! God bless you and the band brutha!!
Awesome show, dee!
I had a blast at the Chuck Berry Show with Dee Rock opening the show. What a great fun night. The music that Dee Rock did was off the chain and kept me rocking through every song! Chuck Berry he's a legend and what an awesome opportunity to see him still perform. The whole night was a total blast and I had so much fun, still smiling whenever I think about it. What an amazing time!!! Thanks to all who made it possible and I hope the opportunity comes again!
Dee Rock was awesome at Chuck Berry show. Dee and his whole band were amazing!!! Great show from a great person. I love listening to Dee anytime I can!!! Keep on keeepin on brother!!
Fantastic show Saturday night, Dee. You and your band really rocked the Duck Room -- the joint was hopping! Great job!
Dee, I had the pleasure of hearing you play just a little, earlier this year at Charlack Pub and thought you were great! I started following your post to find when and where you were playing. You played at Eddies Pub one Sat, 2-6pm, actually 8, because you seemed to be having as much fun as we the patrons were and played the extra 2 hours, that was fantastic!! Now you have done the ultimate, Dee Rock and American Made opened for the legendary Chuck Berry. You were absolutely, amazing! I'm so glad I met you and have a great original artist to listen to!!!! :-) luv u, n kim
Dee....awesome man...awesome music...awesome American!! Listening and watching you play is so much fun for me and my son!! He loves you! I do too!!
Loved your gig opening for Chuck Berry! You really knocked it out of the park! I only wish you would have had more than an hour, so you could have played all our favorite Dee Rock tunes!
Great to meet you last night at Eddie's Pub. Great music!
Great music my friend, glad Ann-Marie and the Politichicks got me to listen. Good luck patriot, wishing you all the best. JJ
Just wanted to say thank you for all you do for our military you rock :)
My Brother, It looks like your career is off to a good start. Congratulations.It was a blessing to run across you on Facebook. I am still here, supporting you. your career and your success in the music business. Without music, there is not a song! I just want to say: Hang in there and hoping to meet you someday! Love ya Brother,...Clyde
You are totally awesome, rockin the world!
Dee, You are an inspiration to us all, and a great talent. Keep on doing what you do because you give the rest of us hope that there will be good times ahead for our great country. Thank you and God Bless America!
Howdy...Had to stop by and look around. Always enjoy going to your site. Your so awesome Rock on my Friend!
Such a talent and patriot! Enjoy your music and thankful a patriot like you exists! Keep using that God gifted talent!
Dee my friend ... Some of the best times... Eddie's Pub St Charles .. Jake
Glad to know another patriot who loves his country as much as I do. God Bless!
Rock on Dee!
Hey Dee - I LOVE you guys - your music makes me move and your amazing personality makes me come back for more. Such an enjoyable band- I can't wait to see you guys play again! Much love my friend.
Keep Rocking and Fighting for our beloved Republic my Patriot Brother! Bart from NC
Rock on!
You Rock Dee
I love your music, the sound of your voice and your true American, patriotic spirit! Hope to see you live and on stage sometime in the near future. New England is a wonderful place in the Fall...hint...hint! God bless you and keep on rockin'!
Keep on rockin' in the free world, Dee!
Really enjoyed opening for ya when you came to Marietta. Keep fighting the good fight mate!
Hey Dee, can you get the guys outside to play a few to melt this blasted snow? Have a great week!
Can't wait to see you open for Chuck Berry! You will blow the roof off!
Hi Dee. LOVE the music. Hopefully, someday, I'll get to see you in person.
Hope I can see you live some time. I'd like to meet my friend, Kim, in person too. Rock on!
Have a great day my patriot friend!
Glad to be on here, really enjoy hearing you all play.....glad to know you my patriot friend!!!!God Bless
God made an angel with this man that loves his country and sings from his heart and soul. So glad that I've become a follower and continue to pass his work of art on others. His positive energy is awesome...Love you and your music..."Keep on Keepin on"...God Bless
We love you Dee.
Dee brings it with energy and excellence. The happy rock&roller;country axe man. Get him to your town and ya won't be sittin down during his performance. Don't doubt me.
You Rock Dee. Keep up the great shows and music. Hoping to see you in Florida some day soon. Make it happen Dude. You have all the tools.
A great patriot playing Pure Kick-Ass Rock n' Roll !
Howdy & God bless, awesome PATRIOT brother!
Keep on Rockin my friend you are amazing!!
What a great, high-energy performer. This is a man who really loves what he plays. His material is fantastic.
Dee is one of the most talented guitarist's I've ever met. I really love his flavor of down home country soul southern fried blues drenched rock 'n' roll! Can't wait for his next album!
Keep on rockin'!
What a great show he puts on! Love his vibe and excitement he brings to the audience! Can't wait to see him when he comes to St Louis to open for Chuck Berry!
Dee is an Awesome Entertainer and A pleasure to be around.I LOVE how he manages to mix a little rock,métal guitar,blues,and lots of Soul into his Country!He is A great guy with alot of motivational spirt and talent! Love him and his music! And, his Hair is Amazing!!:-)
Dee, you are truly amazing!!! you sure do ROCK!!! Keep up the excellent music!!!
I've had the opportunity to work with Dee on several occasions as an large venue event planner. I can honestly say that he is personally one of the best "acts" that I've ever worked with. His team are professionals and Dee himself is a class act. No "Diva" mentality here. He's the type of person that sees something that needs to get done, and just does it. He doesn't just look the other way because he's the "entertainment". His stage presence is second to none and appealing to a large demographic. His music speaks to the heart and as a result, he's developed a loyal fan base. I highly recommend Dee Rock for events and as a concert entertainer.
DeeRock Rocks the stage. Grand stage presence with a show that keeps you on your feet !! Rock on Patriot.
Great band, very cool !
Dee..You totally Rock..I still listen to the first track I purchased..Looking forward to more..
Can't wait to hear your music again! Love ya!
I love your music! My kids do too!! I have downloaded many songs!
Dee Rock can Rock with the best. Saw him live in Marietta, GA, awhile back and he puts on a foot stomping, rousing, wake up now, show. Oooh Raah.
Your amazing Dee! Im so glad you followed your dream! Im still waiting for my signed CD! Love ya! Judles
Keep Rockin Dee!!! Thanks for the great music...
Rock on Mr. Rock! Have a great weekend!
You Rock Dee...need to share the stage again sometime soon!
Ustc stopping by to say hello. Hope you have a great weekend and rock on.:)
You Rock!
Dee you are the best person and you rock all the time, thank you for keeping it real
Dee Rock love your website and music. Keep it coming.
Hi Dee! Enjoy meeting you Saturday are a breath of fresh air!!! Have a great week and look forward to seeing you again soon. Catti
Hey there my friend, just thought I'd stop by, browse your website, again, but this time sign the guest book. Thanks for all you do, and you know I love your music! Judi
Dee, it was amazing to meet you at last year's Rally For Common Sense! As I've told you repeatedly, I love your music, and am diligently working on turning all my country music loving friends (and quite a few non-country-music-loving friends) on to your music up here in the great PNW! Keep on singing the talk, and ROCKIN' the walk!
You do ROCK, DEE!
God Bless you Dee Rock! Don't you ever quit country-rockin' the the free world!
Hi Dee! Cant wait till we get to see you again! Rock On My Friend, Teri
Dee Rock - What can I say...Huge fan for a few years now..He really need to headline and get songs on mainstream radio....We need to hear more from this guy! Ooozes Talent!
I'm sure glad I have your CD to listen to up here in Iowa. It was a pleasure to have met you and your soul has alot of great music to perform. Keep the snake cane alive LOL
Patriot country rock at its best!
You rock sir...You have heart, no doubt...
Awesome Music!! Thank You Patriot!
I want to thank Cameron King for introducing me to your great music, talent and voice! I thoroughly enjoy your music. Keep up the great work!
I had a good friend ,Raynond McGill fromRamsey,NJ.he is aretiredMahwahpolice officer. He and his wife-Carol- lost their son Timothy inAfganastan onSept.21,2013. I would appreciate this young man gets the honor he deserves on Veterans Day. Fromour friend Terry Melville God Bless you and your fanily, Please contact me.Phone 201-312-8995
nice song
"The Uniform" is a great song, thank you for your support.
God Bless you Dee Rock & American Made! Love ya Bro ~ Bee
Today is the first time I have heard your music!!! and I love it! I hope you all the best! and May God Bless you! and may you prosper and please continue to spread the Word! America! Freedom! and Love Of God & Country!
Rock on Dee, Awesome! I just sent your link to all my freinds.
I knew you when! Proud fan of Dee Rock!
Greetings from Alabama! Great sound, my brother!
Just got turned on to your music today. Chills and thrills. Thank you for being a voice for all of us who care about our people and our country!
How do my friend. Nice website!
wow dee rock im hearing that train my friend we love each song on the cd and the song s by other artist you sing in the shows so much talent i hear ya heart and soul
dee omg there are no words to let you know how much we enjoy your music from every song you sing and play i love them all they are from the heart and soul its like you pour it all over each song my friend you are gonna have that number 1 i think theyre all number1 so hugs from n.c.
The first time I heard your music, I was BLOWN AWAY!!! Your music inspires people to love their country, love the military, love life, and love GOD!! Finally we have a performer who speaks for and represents us, "The People!!"
Its ME again, Deero! Wishing you much success. Be safe in your travels......Clyde
you go ya..!!
Dee , you are one of the most energetic and down to earth nicest people that I have had the pleasure of meeting ! I sure hope to see you again , who knows you might come to Kansas City sometime for a gig . Wish you the best and a long prosperous career in the music industry !!
Dee, you are sensational. I adore your love for music, our country, and our veterans! I listen to your music all the time. You aren't just a presence on stage, you are a wonderful human being. I thank God I have had the opportunity to get to know you. Can't wait until I can attend another concert!
Can't find the pen man!
Great uplifting music and a wonderful person come to Charleston SC
Love your music, your patriotism and your attitude! Keep up the good work, you rock Dee!!!!
Dee Rocks music rocks and blesses my soul. Hes for real
one day is will get the pleasure of watching Dee Rock live and in action..can not wait for that day..hope it's soon
Goonie Goo Goo!!!!!!!
Just heard Patriot Girl and loved it. God, Family and Country is the perfect order. If you're ever in the San Antonio area, you need to make a trip to the Back 20.
Dee, Your CD "The Road Ain't Long" is wonderful, I love your voice and every song is a hit, it is hard for me to pick my favorite. Wishing you all the best in the future to come you way. Keep strumming and hope to see you again soon in St. Charles. See you at Lady Di's.
Dee i have to say you have the most amazing voice i so glad i found you through a friend on Facebook.
Deero, as per our phone conversation on 12-JULY-13, HERE IT IS: Clyde B. Kitchens....1536 Zeneta Avenue....Odessa, Texas....79763-2647 Thanks, Buddy!
Deero, It was a surprise and a pleasure, getting to visit with you on your birthday! Cant wait for a venue near me. You are a fresh breath of true country & patriotic music. I love your style. Your Buddy, Clyde......
Thanks Dee Rock you are inspiring. You have a way of letting the world know what is in your heart and allowing them to feel those emotions with you. Hope to see you again. Yknot Band thanks you.
Just stopping by to say Hi :) Have a great week. Karen
Dee, I had the pleasure of meeting you this past weekend at my brother Alans fundraiser, Monuments for Minors. I want to Thank you first and let you know how much I appreciated your participation in this. I also was lucky enough to recieve one of your CD'S. I have been listening and writing the lyrics down to The Uniform. I want to send those to my cousin who is now serving us in Korea. It's a beautiful song and I hope to get a CD to send to him as well. It is the hearts and souls of beautiful people like you that makes this a great earth. I feel truly honored and blessed with the kindness you showed on a matter that is so important to my brother. May God continue to Bless you in all you do. Kim Duly P.S. I hope to see you again!!!
If you live in St. Louis, check out Monuments for Minors on the first of June! Dee Rock Country is an awesome performer and the music is great! I listened to my new CD all the way home from the show in Atlanta!
Stopping by to say Hi :) Have a safe Memorial Day & week.
great job dee ,i enjoyed calling all cowgirls this must be your favorite!
great job dee ,i enjoyed calling all cowgirls this must be your favorite!
You're great!!! Thanks for staying friends with me! I'm looking forward to talking with you again!!
You are so talented! I love your style and your words you put to music! Thanks for always sharing your talents! Means a lot to your fans!! :)
Happy St Patrick's Day Dee an Kimmy!!! Hope you all have a great one.. Love yeah hugs an kiss..
Happy St. Patty's Day, Dee.
Come around Magnolia soon---and be easy this St. Paddy's day
Keep up the good work
Hey Dee, happy St. Patrick's Day
Hey Dee, happy St. Patrick's Day
When r u back in town?
Greetings from Indian Rocks Beach, FL xo
One more thing I just updated my email to if you want to keep in touch
Hello Dee my name is Antoinette we had a brief conversation during the auditions of The Voice sadly I didn't through but I'll keep going my next course of action is to get to nashville and go forward with singing country music
Love your music Cuz. Keep it coming.
Love your music!
A poem i wrote for ya titled The Singer//Song Writer & Artist Dee Rock Today I heard a cat play As he ripped my heart right out By all those rock & country guitar chords And along with them heavenly vocals And his great songs lyrics he sang That sent me just a packing Right out of this here world As no I've never met him But it sure would be such an honor To see his big ole tour bus Roll right up this here drive way And put on one heck of a show As I know Dee Rock sure would do just that. By DAS-{c}-12-29-2012 On
Man oh man you are unreal my brother in song and music.Please say hello to tom Paden for me as I cut several of his songs years ago. When I recorded in Nashville.Seriously I loved your sound. If ya ever do a gig up here close to Xenia,Ohio please by all means let me know.Yours in Life and Music-Dave Smith-Xenia, Ohio
Hey Rock Man, have yourself a great Christmas. Gotta get together before too long
VERY VERY VERY VERY Impressed! I am an administrator for Harleyradio, so if you can get a song or video on the site I will feature it for you! AWESOME you are very good at what you are doing! Keep It UP! Thanks for chatting with me! Hope to hear more from you in the future! YOU ROCK!
Cool! That's all I can say Dee, This page Rocks like you do..Love all the pic's & the songs..Seems like you get better & better every year. "Happy for you"
Dee + Kim = ♥♪♥♪ I still think a great album title is "Inappropriate Good Times" LOL Luv ya'll
What up my patroit friend, love the page....keep rockin'! Love ya brother....
Keep on being a humble man Dee you rock
Great site and Great Tunes- you are a True Patriot! Hope you come tour up here in the North Country sometime- if I get the chance to travel south, first thing I'm gonna do is check your schedule. Rock On!
Good luck and God bless
Kim has me loving your music
LOVE THIS!! LOVE YOU!! Great Music, Great website, Dee! Keep on Rock'n!
Keep on rockin with your awesomeness Mr. Rock!
Hey DEE Love your music! Awesome!!
You ROCK Dee....
Dang I am loving your music! Keep on recording please!
Deero, my Brother. Hope someday we can have a meet & greet! I refuse to give up!
Yo to my fellow Patriot! Keep it real Dee!
Love your stuff Dee!
just found out bout this kool band. The music reminds me of Blackfoot (Ricky Medlocke)...the era around Vertical Smiles/Siogo though without the keyboards. (the timeline with Ken Hensley from Uriah Heep). Happen to come across the band when digging in on Black Conservative radio host (from Nashville Tn)CARL BOYD Jr.'s vids/commentary - the one in particular, 'In God We Trust' Hoping that Carl plays more of Dee's stuff on his show! The toons are very r&b ish/soul/gospel and of course the rock element as well. Love the lyrical content of the tracks. KEEP On KEEPIN ON Ronno McCordsville Indiana
Love your music and listen to your music on Your websit is awesome thank you for the music.
Learn about you from Jan Morgan's facebook feed. You now have a fan in Virginia Beach, VA. Look forward to you headed out this way!!
Your song ROCKS! American by birth, she's a Patriot by choice is an awesome line!
Great American band
Dee.. Someone handed me your CD at while i was at Eaton Corbin album release.. Just played it.. WOW great CD.. KILL WORK... you now have a new fan! and your band are awesome!! I loved the show Thurs. night in NC! The energy you have on stage gets everyone moving...I'm so honored to know you and be able to experience your music and patriotism live!! Keep on rock'n!!! Love ya!
just listened to your songs you sound great love the lyrics Buck Allen is a great friend of mine he is the one who turned me on to you music keep up the great music
Great site! Thanks for being a patriot! Loving the sound!!
Go Dee! Love your music!
Dee - you Sir are a Patriot with no equal, your music inspires me so - thank you for allowing me to use the Colors I fly as my out song on my Radio Show 'Soldiers of Patriotism"
My sister put this up on her Facebook page checked it out. Like it. If you come through or around Knoxville would like to see you. Thanks for being a Great American.
My friend Clyde Kitchens recommended you on his facebook page, so I'm hearing your music for the first time today. We fly the same colors...Excellent!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS MUSIC!!! God bless America and God help us get our country back on track!!
Excellent song and video. God Bless you!!!!
Love ya my friend!!!
Dee, I am still reminiscing on you and your band's performance at the Missouri Rally for Common Sense. It was awesome! Being on the team for the Rally, I was fortunate to discover that your beliefs are not just for 'show.' You are a great American. God Bless! I hope I get to see you perform again real soon.
thanks for the call, barb really miss you.... take care ladigo brown .....whip crack
Just bought you CD man, Im totally diggin it. got it on my MP3 player jammin in the truck. So glad to see you doing what you love and it shows in your music. We miss you here in California. Proud to be your firend...................Jim & Bobbi
What a wonderful surprise we found at the Rally for Common Sense......DEE ROCK! You were AWESOME.
Sounds great Dee! Great job
Love ya Dee come visit us in Mt. Pleasant Iowa!!!!!
Dee Rock in my estimation will be the next rising country music star. Without question, I will use him and his band again for any event that we will have. I especially love the songs "The Uniform" and "The Belt and The Bible." Give it up for Dee and The Band, truely talented patriots!
deei just love the way you pourur heart and soul it in to ur music the cup is full and runing over we are lovin all ur tunes with our whole hearts!!!!beleivin!!!!
Love, love, love your music! One of your band members David (Dave) Wallace on base is one of my all time dearest friends/Brother and we go way back! Hung out with him years ago during his band practise and loved every minute of it! He comes to our house eveerytime he visits Covington, Tn. and would be in trouble if he did'nt!! Music has been his heart and soul for many years and I Thank God and YOU most of all for allowing him to join your band and play with all that he has! If you ask him he may say im his sister because i call him my brother! Much Thanks to you Dee Rock!! Rock On!!
hey dee seems ages since we surgery went ok had a qaudruple heart do you know what will make me smile alot?? a signed c.d. and pic to djandyk!! and if you have any other bits for radio prizes?? love you brother in box me if you need my address again
Love your web page..Great job...
I love you Dee, your the best!!!!
Hey Dee !!!!!!!!! Hope life is treatin you well as can be!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being the friend that you are and I look forward to rockin a stage with you one day !!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Dee. Just dropping by to say hello. Looking forward to hearing more music from you mate. Keep up the good work. :-)
I first discovered Dee Rock on Stereofame and have been a big fan ever since. Love the website.
I love Dee and his music! He's the real deal!
Loving your music Dee Rock - LOUD! Ain't That Far from Now!
Dee , I have enjoyed reading your posts and being your friend on Facebook . I do hope to someday meet you and see you and group perform .
Listening to your music can change my mood from bad to realizing how wonderful life is. I truly enjoy your singing. Am planning to see you in person as soon as I can.
Ride 'em!!!!
Good day to ya Cowboy !! Remember, don't squat with yer spur's on..Lol Peace, Love and Hug's :)
Hi Dee leaving some love, you're an awesome artist i hope one day we get to meet xo Jody
Love your music Dee. Take care and God bless!!!
Love your website Dee :) Karen
dee as alwayz lovin ur music you pour ur heart and soul in ur tunes .... they are full and running over cowboy you rock,,,,, forsure ... and you know im here in lincolnton n.c. believin..for you.. sooo hurry hop that train you are so ready im excited for you;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
I guess you said, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." I love it, man. So glad I ran into Fully and he told me about your site. I'm proud of you. Glad to see you're still doing your thing. Ken Goldsby
Great stuff, Dee! Thanks for the insperation!
Just stopped by to listen and check out your site . . . :) Have a real nice day ~ All the Best ~Jill
Good stuff Brother! Like it!! Rock On~AHO`
Dee, I heard about "Uniform" and had to listen to it. It is a Great Song! My dad sings professional, but it skipped a gene in me. You did an awesome job one it!
Deero, Buddy, ...Lets ROCK DEE house in 2012!
Nice Page!!! Happy for your Success!!!
alright Brother! :)
You know I love you and the music....peace out brother
Nice site!!
rock on!
Hello Dee! Ever get the feeling you're being stalked?!! Peace & Luv Sylvia Ya-Know Facebook Friend
you are the best ever Dee!!!
I love your music, you are so genuine, and thanks for being so loyal to our military :)
love your music Dee Rock...I am a big norwegian fan<3<3
Enjoying the music on Dee Rock's official website! Awesome artist. Hope to meet you one day during travels to Nashville.
Best wishes for continued success. Your Music is Awesome.
Hi Dee, Your CD is great. Best of everything to you. Luv Carol
I Love Dee Rock's Music! And Dee Is A True Country Gentleman in Every Respect of the Word. I am truly Proud to be a Fan as well as a friend of Dee's. Dee does represent... Love~ Peace~ Music! I Admire his Love and Dedication for many causes that he actively works hard for... As well as his support of our Armed Forces. Our Soldiers can Never have enough support . <3
Dee, you are the best! Keep doin` it to it! Your friend from Texas.........Clyde
Rock on man!! Sounds amazing!
You are the best ever Dee!!!!
Love your music and your great big Heart !!!
I Love, Love, Love all your music!!!! You're one special guy!!!! So happy to be friends with you!!!!!
My favorite Nashville Cowboy...always keepin' it country! Love your you! Would love to see you come to Austin..xoxo!
Hey cowboy, just dropping by to say hi from The Donegal and me...keeping that country music cranked up!! Dee xx
You have an amazing voice! Looking forward to, one day, listening to you live! ~Blessings~
I love what you have done with the place! You are one awesome cowboy! Much love Dee!
I sure wish you well in your efforts. You sound great and have a positive attitude, I hope never quits Dee. Take care Eric
Dee we love your music and your voice is awesome too your going to go farrrrrr!!!!!!
you are the best!!!
Hi Dee! It's my pleasure to sign your guestbook. What an awesome website!!! Liz
wanted to stop by just to tell you how awesome I think you are. Still lovin the cd after 9 months of wearing it out. Chat soon I hope. Much love from SoCal <3
Love ur music.. Love ur heart of gold an how u make people feel good about there self.. Ur one of my best friends an never want to lose u. I think of u all the time,, Thanks Dee for always being there when I need a good friend. God Bless u an ur Mom,, Love yeaah guy,
Enjoy your music! Let me know if you need a harmonica player
I'm a lover of country music and boy you sound good.
Hey Sexy, leaving you some love xoxo
Great music Dee. Rock 'em no ya hear. A hoot and a holler your way to start you day. Woot.
Very Nice Dee, keep on playing I will keep listening, good luck with your music and I know u will do well. Cowboy up, L&R
your an exceptional artist and more importantly a friend to all, you're just an Approachable,Talented and over Deserving of Success, and Will get to where you wanta go, Thanks Dee.. PS see on Face Book..
Love ya, dude. Can't wait to see you again.
damn man I love your music, your voice is amazing.. THE ONE AND ONLY DEE ROCK!!!
hey dee just wanted to give you a shout out, just keep on doing what you are doing
Good music Dee...keep it coming!
Love ya Dee.
Nice !!! <): )
Thanks for reminding me that their is still alot to smile about, and to not take life too seriously...
Dee, I`ve been here before but just wanted to say again, I believe in you Buddy and you certainly have what it takes to succeed in this business.Great music! Lets make it happen Dee Man!
Hi Dee ~ Just stop be for a listen to some awesome music and song ~~~
Miss seeing you around town, hope all is well!!!
Im glad to see you are going great. XOXOXOX
Awesome! Get some Dee Rock Music Now!
hey Dee, stop that drinkin dude, and get up and start singin' Chelle
Hey Dee... love your music man... UROCK! Would love to have you on our Radio Show... "The Green Room" locally on 106.1 and streaming on the web.. ~Spence'
I discovered your music through a friend originally from Covington, TN( David) I called our local country station and requested that they play your music and get your CD aired!
I am blessed to have discovered you and your music. Would like to know where you are in Nashville!!
Hey Dee - it's me, Cindy from Savannah...great to see you have put this FB page up...I love the music that plays - what you gonna do with me, I love this one, HAHA, who am I kiddin' I love all of 'em..
Dee-Rock you rock X
Love ur music hun.. God Bless u even more.. Mwah
I'm here signing your Guestbook Keep on rockin those songs! Your going places I just know it :)
Dee, I always love your music and always enjoy your posts on face book! Great job! I'm proud of you!
Dee Rock is kind and sweet and one handsome cowboy who's hard to beat!
Hi Dee, I've been enjoying your music!! I wish I was a little closer to your state because I would love to see you live!!!
Dee, I absolutely love you!! Your heart comes through in every song. Just FYI, I sat and listened to every song this morning!! You have an amazing raw talent. That's refreshing!! -Anna
Hi Dee, Best wishes with your amazing talents!! I always love listening to you! Your voice is so beautiful with its rich tone, and the music is just fabulous! Sincerely, Cheryl Nye
Stopping by to say hello and wish you a great success with you show and video shoot at SIR on May 14. I know its gonna be a PARTY!
Hey Dee, just stoppin' by to show some Luv! :-)
Dee - I love your music, and you are great!
So happy your doing so well. Can't wait to watch the CMA AWARDS when your on them. Take care. Luv & Prayers to you.
Sure do hope you will make it out to the Redwoods! Hope to see you soon!
Keep on keepin on Dee!! You have such a magical and beautiful voice :) :) Im so happy and proud to be your friend :) :) God Bless and keep bringing me that sweet country music!! Hugggg huggers for you!! :) :) Wendy
Hey Dee, I hope everything is coming together for you. I know it's going to be a great year for Dee Rock & Southern Style. Good luck and have a blast on the tour circuit!
Thanks for being my friend Dee. Have a GREAT week. Take care & keep in touch.
the mail lady in AZ, waiting to go horseback riding with you at your God Parents house....!!!!!!!
Gettin my CD and Hat !!! Loving the music Dee !! xoxoxox Ms Sushi in Cali =P
I LOVE the song "The Uniform"...I'm hosting a charity luau for Honor Flight and WWII Veterans in July and am going to play this beautiful song for the veterans as they march in...Only wish it could be live...
Hi dee rock I talked with you briefly on let er rip on nbrn. love your music and look forward to getting your cd. god bless doris
Heard you on NBRN.FM tonight and loved your music. You are welcome to visit us if you ever come to the UK - you would be most welcome.
Hello Dee & other Dee Rock Friends & Fans! I just wanted to sign this guestbook & say that Dee is such an amazing singer/songwriter/Musician & friend & really knows & shows what "keeping things real" really is & then some! His Current CD is so awesome "every song" on it is truly spectacular! & Dee you will always have my friendship & continued support & you are on an amazing road & so successful it is beyond words & you are going to be so amazed at how far you are going Dee in a very fast & big way!!! Love,Peace,Light,Blessings & Support Always to not only a friend, but to also a Really great man with a heart of pure gold!
Hey ya'll!!! I just wanted to say thanks for all the love!It really means a whole lot to me to have your support and knowing that ya'll are diggin' the music! I'll see ya'll out on the raod and at the shows!!!! Peace love and country music...
True Country from a real country boy, Luv your sound :)
hi :)
Hi Dee! Absolutely LOVE your new CD -- this is outstanding work!! My Favs are Ripples on the Moon and What You Never Had although each song is excellent and reflects what resonates from your soul. So honored to be your new friend. Blessings, Peace & Love, Angie G
your #1 fan love, Love, LOVE you!!!
love your cd.hope you have a wonderful Sunday.lots of hugs and kisses.
You know we at AVR - American Veterans Radio LOVE your music and LOVE what you do for OUR troops Brother! All that we can ever say is THANK YOU and please continue to pay it forward............You Rock (or you Country???) LOL LOVE YOU Bro
Great stuff my friend !
Great meeting you tonight at Brewhouse 100. I really love your music and going to post it on my FB wall and buy the album on iTunes. Hope to see you around, Kenny Mc
Great music Dee, keep em coming.
Proud to sign your guestbook and proud to be your friend Dee. Dy-no-mite Music Clyde
Wearin out this CD! It's sure a good dose of country soul to kick off the new year. Hope your 2011 is spectacular!
thanks for make'n this great music for all of us::)you rock cowboy::)
love your music! Keep Rockin Dee!!!!!
I'm just lovin' this cd Dee - Trying to figure out how to use it as a ring tone on my cell phone!!! Sending you hugs and lots of love from So Cal!! <3
By the way - AWESOME WORK !!! Love the songs!!!! If you are ever out on tour in Northern California - I hope you'll have a stop in Mendocino or Humboldt - would love to see you!!!!
Hey Dee Rock - it's Laura Lyne form way back when in the Canyon (hideaway) So glad to see you are still pickin and a grinnin' - I have thought of you often and I hope you are doing well! Love and Light to you friend!
Just stopping by to Show Some Love!!! Keep the music playing...God watch over you and yours, always.
Just want you to know how much i enjoy your music, Keep Rocking...............God Bless You Dee ! :)
Hi Dee, Your web is really great. I will keep up with the latest news.
just dropped by for a listen. great sounds
i am deaf can speak and read lips i would like to have autograph of you it would mean alot if you do that. i have own myspace here it is myspace. com/146236829 and myspace. com/wildpumpkinby01pls add me thanks keep on singing!!!you are greatest!! keep in touch with me! u have gift from god that use your talent to do this... hope that your career takes off the way u want it. don't forget god loves u and he does love us all. keep in faith in him. he is the best thing happen in our lives and we owe him alot for that. born and raised in york, pennsylvania moved to red lion 6 years ago. after my dad passed on with diabetes and i sure miss him so much! i know he is in my heart always. i am a mother one son age 9. he is the best thing ever happen to me in my life if it was not for him i would not know what i would do. it was funny the way god works it out he takes my dad away but he gave me my son to replace him. my dad passed on when my son demetrius was 6 months old and he would not remember my dad but kept showing him the pictures that was his grandpa. it is very hard for my mother the most because they were married for 28 years and it will take my mom very, very long time to move on you know and dating but, she would not want to date anyone ever which i do not blame her. i would feel the same way. he was my step dad but feels that he was my real dad because he has been there for me since i was 3. they got married i was 4. my dad never had children any of his own but he was married before. he is very rare there are not many men out there would want kids as their own. my mother and i have a strong relationship. we are very close it always has been that way. i hope this does help you to know more about myself. i was born deaf caused by german measlers. i hope you do not mind if i can ask you for few autographs make it out to me name Michelle, one for my son Demetrius, one for Nicole, and one for my uncle name is paul? it would be nice to have your cd if that is possible send for two? i can give it one to my uncle he would love to hear it. he does have his own band is called grace band which i do have his band photos on my facebook which you can do search my name from there is Michelle L. Gardner and add friends with me from there if you already have then, just want to make sure. my uncle has his music profile on myspace you can check him out. please do let me know what do you think of their songs. here is my home address: michelle lynne bitler 611 country club road apartment A red lion, pa 17356 my primary email address is: i am looking forward to hear from you soon and keep in touch! i was wondering if you do have facebook if you do, please do add me as friend from there by name Michelle L. Gardner which Gardner was my madien last name. god bless and thank you for so kind friend to me. michelle bitler
Great songs!!! Love them all!!!!!!!! Dee is the awesomest of all so bring your butt through Texas.
Hey. Great stuff even I'm not a really big country fan. Good mix. Check out our web site Blessings Glen
Miss you my friend, but hearing your beautiful voice makes it a little better xoxoxo
You rock my awesome friend. :)
stopping by to show some love from Texas ~~~***hugs***~~~
Hey Dee...sounds great. Keep it up!
love the music D!!!!!!
Hi and congrats from Beebo.
Love Dee forever
Just an awesome guy and an honor to be in your company, most of all your music and song, you're the you..xx
Have A Great Afternoon! ;~)
Dee, Thank you for the friendship and the beautiful and Inspiring music. I wish you all the love and success in life.
Alright Dee!
Dude...I fucking LOVE it! Awesome job my brother!! Nicely Done! Dave
Just swinging by to show some Love and Support for my favorite singin' Cowboy :) Keep on Rockin'!!!! Big Hugs, Dede
Very nice website Dee ... I saw it on the newsfeed on FB and stopped by. The songs sound great. Wish you all the best with your career! Shirley, Your Facebook Friend and Fellow Country Artist
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Can't wait to come party in Nashville with you. Miss seeing you at the Bend! xoxo
Of course I would follow you anywheres !! The Soul of the Country~
Always such a pleasure listening to your music sweets!
Damn, Dee you sound great!
I love your music Klem PS: husk noen er glad i deg *s*
Like this ....Hope All Dreams are coming True... oh like the new songs ..But Ripples On The Moon still number 1 for me....But newer ones you've posted are rreeaaallyy good.... woop!!!! ;)
Wishing you all the best life has to offer Dee..You are a great preforming artist and I know some-day some you will be in the big time..You have talent and I admire what you do for our fighting Men..You are just a great and beautiful person and best of luck to you as you push forward to your dream...
Wishing you all the best Dee!!
Great website!!!
very nice:)cant wait tell u hit up LV......
Dee, I just want to re-iterate one more time, how much I enjoy your music. You are talent with a capital "T". Hope to see you in Odessa Texas sometime.......Clyde
Love ya Dee! Can't wait for the cd! Enjoy your FB posts. Just call me KC Connie, the sports freak. : )
Looking forward to seeing and hearing the finished product. I know this CD is gonna be all that we are anticipating and more. Best of luck with your release.
Hi Dee, I'm so happy that you are realizing your dream. I hope you have a great ride! Love & Light, Mary
Hey Dee Just wanted to slide through and wish you the all best on your way to the top.Stay sweet and keep on doin what ya do! Your friend in Danville,Va Luv Ya! Sunshine Kay
Love ya DEE
Love your site, my friend! GREAT job! Your songs sound great and I'm SO proud to know you!
Love your songs Dee, you're great, much enjoyed listening......
Man, I really like your music! Clyde from Odessa, Texas.
Love the site!!! Sending Lottsa Love & Hugs your way for a Beautiful Day!!! Lottsa Love & Hugs, Dede