Dee was Blessed to have two parents that loved music and made sure their kids did too.With both mom and dad being from Texas a lot of country and Blues was heard at Dee's home.Dee's mom would sing around the house and her favorites were Mickey Gilley ,Nat King Cole and Conway Twitty.Now Dee's dad had  a huge record collection and on Sunday evenings he would play music by artist  such as BB King,The Allman Brothers,Glen Campbell and Ray Charles.There was no doubt that the music was being felt down in Dee Rock's Soul.

Dee has been fortunate to have worked for and has been associated with Virgin Records,E.M.I.,Warner Bros and Disney music.Producing and writing for artist and recording projects lead to Dee composing songs for the Warner Bros movie Divas.It was  film and Television work such as American Chopper that lead to Dee being asked to sing the theme song for the T.L.C. channel Biker TV show Southern Steel.You may have even worked out to some of Dee's music on Beach body's Slim in six and Power 90 x series.All of this has lead Dee Rock to this moment on his musical Journey. Those nights when Dee would play the Whiskey-a-go-go the crowds would come to the shows and get down to that Soulful Southern sound which the Dreadlock Cowboy was throwin down and continues to do so at his Concerts.

Dee is an award winning artist having won three Josie Music Awards over the last few years,Song of the year for The Bluegrass song Mountain Strong which he collaborated on and produced,Outlaw country artist of the year & Outlaw stage performance of the year for His song Wild Mustang which included native drumming and native dancing by  his Cherokee sisters!

Dee Rocks new CD BACKROAD SYMPHONY takes us in a new direction from his previous record the Road Ain't Long and this  is a multi genre collection of songs which could very well have some folks calling him an Americana artist.His southern style remains as always but with this collection of songs Dee  has decided to blend the Musical styles that he  loves which include COUNTRY,70'S SOUL, SOUTHERN ROCK,BLUES & a splash of BLUEGRASS.Songs Like the uplifting song Battle Scars  takes you to a Rockin Motown Vibe and then there's Southern Summer Nights tells the LOVE story of small town young love and a gypsy soul.Dancing On the Edge talks about the current state of affairs and how we have to put it all back in God's hands.Long way home is a personal journey back to Dee's Family Roots.Boots Bars & Steel Guitars puts you right in the hony tonk with those country girls.The Other Side deals with grief and losing someone close.Nowhere Road is the story of Dee's Grand father and what he told him about life.Wild Mustang with its Native vibe  and chanting closes out his 12 song collection.While  Dee was making this record he got  back to the joy music has brought him.When mixed Music genres were in concert together and played on radio stations across the country everyday. Back when creativity wasn't determined by the latest fad or what the media thought was cool.Dee Rock has always believed that if the audience's are  exposed to more than just the 3 minute cookie cutter song they will without a doubt dig the music that brings a  good vibe with heart and soul.Its nothing new cause all of his influences from the Allman Brothers,Ray Charles,Charlie Daniels,Motown and Lynryd Skynyrd did just that!